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Our Affiliate Agreement

We offer our affiliates a unique opportunity to help us publicize our new website. Our affiliates receive a generous $120 per first-time paid registration within 60 days of referral signup. We also compensate a premium level immigration package or tour package paid in full within 60 days of registration with a $500 incentive to the affiliate.

We track your referrals with an internal system that is superior to cookie-based tracking. Even if your referral later logs in from a different computer, clears his cookies, pays via phone, or using a different computer from his original visit, our system will still attribute your earnings to you. Compare this to competitor affiliate programs. You will find that with our affiliate program, you can earn far more than with our competitors. Even if they claim to have a higher per-sale payout, chances are that you will rarely ever be credited with the amount, because through tricks of their system your referrals will be delinked from your account. Just compare us for a few months to any competing affiliate program, and we are convinced you will be amazed by the difference. Additionaly you can also sleep well at night knowing that you are helping men and women find a trustworthy site, not a fraudulent site or one full of scammer profiles. Girls Of Asia is the most trusted name to safely meet sincere Filipinas.

You also will earn 10% bonus of any tier-2 affiliate commissions. If you refer any affiliate, and they earn $100, in other words, you will get an additional bonus of $10 for each $100 they earn. There is a $100 minimum threshold for payments. All payments are via unless other arrangements are made. If you are US-based you are required to provide us the necessary tax forms.

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