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Almost 1,000 Members

This was a letter we sent to all our members on June 19, 2009


We’re happy to announce that after just four months of basic publicity, we now have over nine hundred members. Have you visited recently to have the chance to meet some of the new members who have joined recently? This week we will surely have our 1,000th member, as we now have almost two hundred new members joining weekly.

We would like to take this chance to let you know about a few upcoming developments and ask for feedback.

First of all, we’re continuing to upgrade our message filtering system. As you know from reading our FAQ, we do allow free members to send messages to other members. However, we do not allow free members to send contact information or to post contact information in their personal profiles. (Members who have upgraded their accounts can send personal contact information, because upgraded accounts bypass the filtering system.) We’ll be continuing over the next few months fo work out the bugs in the filtering system.

Second, we’ll be increasing our membership fees at the end of June to $30 per month for silver membership and $60 per 3 months for gold membership. If you sign up before July 1, you can still sign up at the very affordable rate of $15 for silver or $30 for gold. Our signup payments (using credit card, bank account or paypal account) go through, so your credit card information is 100% secure, backed by one of the top payment processors on the internet, and it is backed by Paypal’s guarantees, as well as ours. We don’t handle the credit card information in any way on any of our systems: that’s all handled through the multinational, multi-billion-dollar Paypal, #1 payment processor on the internet.

Finally, please send us your suggestions about the website. How well does the website work in your browser? What do you wish we could add to the website? Is all the text on the website legible? Do you have any questions about the website? Just send your email to us using the feedback form.

You can find the feedback form link at the bottom of our home-page We will select the user who sends us the most helpful feedback for a free silver membership.

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can retrieve it at and then sign in. You can also tell your friends about the site by clicking on the “Invite a Friend” link on the home-page.

Feel free to offer any suggestions to us that you have about the site. Don’t be too shy to wink at new members or write them a short note about yourself. This might be just the chance you’ve been waiting for!


Christian Filipina

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