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Audio and Video Revelations About Fraud in International Dating

Thanks to several of our members who have helped get us more information about fraud in international dating sites.

Video from a Ukrainian “Translator” who revealed how some “dating agencies” in the “international dating industry” actually work behind the scenes.

Audio interview from a member who had previously been on several sites that he found to be fraudulent.

Another audio interview from a member who had previously been on several sites that he found to be fraudulent.

The lesson from these interviews is simple. If you are paying per message or per minute to communicate with women overseas, there is a good chance that the woman is receiving part of that money, and that is why she is taking the time with you.

You deserve better.

Don’t ever send money to someone you have never met in person, and don’t fool yourself into thinking that someone who is being paid to interact with you is interested in a relationship with you.

Here’s one text paragraph from someone completely different – one of the many members who write to us regularly with horror stories of this kind of thing happening to them. (If this sounds familiar to you, it is probably time to try a new approach – perhaps try reading our article regarding Top Signs of Good Dating Sites):

Yes, I have had a very bad experience. I spent a huge amount of money in order to exchange letters with a woman who was listed on [ WEBSITE ] ……. a website from Russia. I exchanged emails with Ekaterina (Katya) for a few months, and then made arrangements to fly to Russia to meet her. She had all of my flight information, and knew all of the details about when I was coming so that she could meet me at the airport. She never showed up. She didnt even try to contact me at the hotel I was staying at. I freaked out on the web admin people…….and they promised to get in touch with her. After three days alone in Russia, I finally met Katya. I tried to talk to her but her English was not very good (her profile and her letters claimed that she was advanced and fluent) I asked her about things in her life that she had written in her letters…..and she just looked at me…..blank stare! It turns out that [ WEBSITE ] has a team of letter writers on staff who answer for the ladies. It is a pretty safe bet because most men who correspond with these women will NEVER EVER EVER put their *ss in an airplane seat and go visit these women. Needless to say, I was very upset, and things did not work out with Katya, because she was not the woman who I was actually corresponding with. [ WEBSITE ] never never ever lets you have the personal contact information of the women, so you have no independent method of verifying the identity of the women.

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