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Australian Visa Guidance

With its multicultural policy and overwhelming beauty, Australia is often mentioned as one of the best countries to live.

The Filipino community in the Land Down Under has been growing as are the number of Australians who join Christian Filipina.  When it involves member welfare, Christian Filipina has dedicated itself to keeping the Resources page updated with information useful for first timers to dating online as well as those who are taking the final step to bringing their partner to their country. While we are not lawyers and cannot offer official legal advice, to the best of our knowledge this information matches the experience of our members. (For official legal advice you would be required to contact a professional attorney.)

David & Mabel Morphett

David & Mabel Morphett had to wait for 6 months before the Australian spousal visa was approved.

Using the Visa Wizard

One common question that is asked is, “Which option will bring my wife to live with me more quickly – a fiance or spousal visa?”  It will take the same amount of time, 12 months, once the application is filed for a petition for the Filipina partner who is outside of Australia.  Upon approval of the Prospective Marriage Visa (fiance), you are given 9 months to get married.

Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship has made it easy for the applicants and the sponsors with its Visa Wizard.   A few questions need to be answered to help understand your situation.  Please take note that you will have to indicate that the location of the applicant is outside of Australia.  This will determine the form(s) that should be completed.

Visa Wizard provides the details below;

  • Application forms and booklets
  • What to do before you apply
  • Where to apply
  • Cost
  • Length of stay
  • Work rights
  • Bringing family
  • Processing times

Visa Pricing

The Australian Immigration site also has the Visa Pricing Estimator.  It will cost approximately AUS $2680 for the Base Application charge and an additional AUS $670 for each dependent below 18 and AUS $1340 for each 18 and over.

The processing time and the cost for the Prospective Marriage (fiance) and Partner (spousal) Visa are the same and both will be given a temporary residence.  It will take 2 years for the Partner visa to get approval for permanent residence.  The child/children who are still dependent to their parent will also be eligible to be sponsored on the petition, same thing with dependent relatives.

Visit the Australian Immigration website; for more details.  All you need is to complete the Visa Wizard with the correct information and you are all set to start the visa application.  In a year, you will be together with your love.



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