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Love Comes Naturally Between Filipino Women and Men From Australia and New Zealand

Men from Australia and New Zealand find that love comes naturally when visiting the Philippines. This is visible in the increasing number of members we have here at Christian Filipina Dating from Australasia. Thousands are learning how to meet Filipinas from our research articles and videos and then jumping right in and developing friendships and relationships online that then turn into something even more special offline. There are also many men from Papau New Guinea, Singapore and Guam becoming site members and meeting their soulmates. Since English is widely spoken in the Philippines, it is not necessary for men to learn Tagalog (Pilipino/Filipino) in order to date Filipinas. This, plus the proximity to their home countries, makes meeting Philippine women more natural than Russian or Ukrainian brides, for instance.

A Filipino Wife and Her Australian Husband

David is a missionary from Australia who met his Filipina wife online

David Morphett has a  great story to share on how he fell in love with the Philippines, its culture and in serving its people in doing regular missionary work.  He is an Australian and he met his wife, Mabel from Manila through Christian Filipina.  Read more about his story in our testimonial essay The Power of Online Dating.

The countries all over the Oceania region and the Philippines share a long history and have close political/commercial agreements between the countries.  There are close to 350 000 people in Australia who originate from the Philippines, with about 17 000 Filipinos living in New Zealand. It is not a surprise that people from the other countries in the region. Roughly 1000 Australian men marry Filipinas every year since 2006 (Vital Statistics Philippines).  That’s about three per day!

A Filipina Bride With Her Husband From New Zealand

Danny Steele is a Pastor from New Zealand  who found love online and married his Filipina soulmate

More men from New Zealand are interested to find out more about the Filipina women, their home and culture.  The small Filipino community in Danny Steel’s hometown made him interested to  marry a lady from the Philippines.  His uncle married a Filipina and he was always advised to consider marrying one.  He did meet a wonderful lady living in Negros Oriental and they are now together in New Zealand.  He is a Pastor and he had prayed to meet the right lady. These aren’t stories of mail order brides; these are the stories of true love developing from online chat through to exchanging pictures, calling, video chat, and eventually meeting in person, getting to know each other, falling in love, and marriage.

Cebuana and Australian Husband

Benny and Sonie Alistair met online

Benny Alistair forwarded a picture of their wedding in the Philippines in June, 2010.  He met Sonie, from Cebu City here early that year and he is just one of the of the members in Christian Filipina from New Zealand who met a loving wife from the Philippines.

So what is it exactly that makes a Filipina so special and makes men all over the world want to meet up with them? The ladies are easy to get along with, yet hard-working and faithful. They are fun-loving, easy-going and faith plays an important part for most people in the Philippines. Men from Australia and New Zealand are also easy going and strong in character and find that it is a perfect match.

Melbourne Australia met Filipina Fiance

Dr. Paul from Melbourne, Australia met his Filipina Fiance online

We are getting more and more of these testimonials.  Just this week, Dr. Paul from Australia wrote and expressed how grateful he is that he met a lady here at Christian Filipina.  ”I am thrilled to be marrying someone who I am so in step with and delighted this has happened to me, even at this late stage in life.   Rhea has exactly the right faith, temperament, disposition, personality, charm and pretty looks which makes her a perfect connection for me.  Rhea and I were discussing it recently when I was in Philippinnes and Rhea and I said we have CF to be thankful to!”

Men are also finding that sometimes they don’t even have to go to the Philippines to meet Filipinas. Here at CF, we now have Filipinas in Sydney, New South Wales; Filipinas in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and even Tasmania – as well as Christchurch, Aukland and elsewhere in Australia and New Zealand. More and more sincere Australian and Kiwi men are looking to meet Philipino girls, and we are honored that so many of them choose Christian Filipina to avoid scams and meet real Filipina beauties with great big hearts and souls. We stand above all Christian and free dating sites in Australia and New Zealand, thanks to our famous customer service staff, meticulous screening of new profile applications, research articles, forum, and video chat features. We invite all single men from Australia and New Zealand to come try out Christian Filipina. We even have a direct Australian phone number – just click Contact Us and give us a ring to learn more, or visit our home page to join our renowned Asian Dating Site, Christian Filipina.

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