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Best Time of Day to Find Filipinas Online

As you are beginning to learn about dating Asian women, one thing to remember is the time difference. The Philippines is 8-12 hours offset from many of our members in USA and Canada. For our members in Europe and Australia/New Zealand the time difference is smaller.

For men in USA and Canada in particular, it is important to know when is the best time to go online. Eastern Standard Time, it is 8pm until 10am.  In Pacific Time, it is 5pm until 7am. These correspond to the hours of 8am until 10pm in the Philippines.

If you go online during these hours, you will easily find many ladies available to chat with you. But if you go online between 10am and 8pm in the USA/Canada, you will have a hard time finding anyone available to chat. This is because it is between 10pm and 8am in the Philippines. And even if you are able to chat with someone during this time, a higher percentage of ladies on line at this time are scammers. Most sincere, normal Filipinas are asleep from 11pm to 7am. They are not available for chatting online during this time.

Philippine and US users online, hourly graph

Philippines online usage at our site (in blue) is lowest from 10am to 8pm Eastern Standard Time. For men from the US/Canada (orange) it can be hard to get in touch with ladies during this time because most are asleep. Because of the different timezone, the best time to go online to meet Filipinas is from 8pm to 10am Eastern Standard Time (5pm to 7am Pacific)

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