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Canadian Visa Application

A Canadian citizen needs to apply for and receive an immigrant visa for his fiance or wife in order for her to join him in Canada. Without this, normally Filipinas cannot even visit Canada.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor a spouse (or fiance) and their dependents (children). The same process applies to spousal and conjugal partner or common-law partner. A common-law partner is a person who has been living with another person in a conjugal relationship for at least one year. A conjugal partner may also sometimes be a person outside Canada, who has had a binding relationship with a sponsor for at least one year, but could not live with their partner.

Based on a news release, “The Jig is UP on Marriage Fraud“, says Jason Kenney (Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism), there were changes made on the existing CIC (Citizenship and Immigration of Canada) regulation that requires certain sponsored spouses live in a legitimate relationship with their sponsor for two years once together in Canada or they risk losing their permanent resident status.

Anyone who is filing for a petition to sponsor must be financially and emotionally prepared to be eligible in applying for the spousal visa. You are responsible for supporting her financially, when she arrives. As a sponsor, you must make sure your spouse does not need to seek social assistance from the government.

It is very important that the right application form is filled out by the sponsor and the applicant. Here is the CIC link for the Sponsorship and Immigration forms that should be completed. A guide is available to ensure that all forms are filled out correctly.  Missing a single details would mean additional months of waiting and unnecessary costs to think about.

Once the documents required are completed, a payment of a C$75 sponsorship application fee and C$475 for the principal applicant should be made. Additional costs should be considered, if there are dependents that will be included on the visa application.  In general, all fees are payable at the time of application. Please refer to Fee schedule for Citizenship and Immigration Services as a reference and for other possible fees associated with the application.  Paying fees online is preferred, but other options are also available at Pay Your Fees.

Processing time may take approximately 13-15 months, based on the complete application package. To find out more on the processing time, click on this Processing Time link for CIC. Canada’s immigration deals with each application with equal consideration. There is no need for a special connection, and no lawyer or immigration specialist can promise special treatment or guarantee that your application will be approved. CIC has been very clear on this, which you can read more on this page: Immigration Fraud.

**All information included in this article was based on the information from CIC.

For detailed information in sponsoring a spouse or a common law partner visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


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