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Do Filipinas Love Children?

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. – Psalm 127:3

Filipinas Love Children

Filipinas Love Children

Filipinas love children. In fact, they are great with kids; they treasure every moment with any child. They smile at kids passing by, and they make conversations with them too. For every Filipina, a child is a gift from God- a child who deserves to be nurtured, loved and cared for.

Yet given the weak Philippine economy, environmental problems, and low standards of living, some Filipinas are cautious to give birth and raise children. They have a fear that they might not be able to provide the needs that their future children deserve.

Nevertheless, 99% of all Filipinas think it is obvious that having a child with her husband is always her dream no matter how difficult. Simply said, for her, having a child is the essence of womanhood. A Filipina woman’s mind may say: I don’t think having a child right now is a good decision; but a Filipina woman’s heart will always say: I wish to have a lot of children – I know that will make me complete. She knows that if she allows the challenges to stop her from having a family with children, that she is missing out on one of the things that is at once her desire and her way to give back to the world, the purpose and joy of her life.

The Philippine government for over ten years has been considering various legislation related to these issues, known as Reproductive Health (RH) Bill(s). These consider support for responsible parenthood. Through this, every family may be counseled on how many kids they should be having, how many years should be the gap of each child from their siblings, and when the best time of having them might be. In the historically Catholic country, this encouragement to find a compromise on these questions is slower to find support than in many Western countries where this type of education and the associated services are more readily available. We try not to get into questions of politics and don’t have a position on whether it should be law or not. We are just relating this for you on an informational basis.

Having a child now may be a struggle or a risk, but who won’t be brave enough to face the risks in receiving God’s greatest gift: the gift of life? The life of a child is a gift- a gift that every person would always want.

So, if you are considering settling down with a Filipina, it is quite likely that she likes children and will want to have children. Nevertheless, having children is an important consideration, and you should not make assumptions about it just because you think you know what each other are thinking. To be responsible, it is important to talk about these kinds of issues even if you suspect you know what the other person might say.

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