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5,000 Members!

This was a letter we sent to all our members on September 1, 2009


We’re happy to announce that we now have five thousand members!  Have you visited recently to have the chance to meet some of the new members who have joined?  There are dozens of new members joining per day.  Why not visit and take the chance to wink at your favorite new members, or send them a brief hello?  It’s free to send friendly messages (although we do ask that if you are ready to share contact details with another member, that you upgrade your membership at that time)

In celebration of this milestone, we have setup up a special membership offer.  As always, when you upgrade your membership, you are allowed to send and receive contact details in your personal messages.  What we offer as a special this week is a double time promotion.  Our most popular membership level, gold, ($59.99) is usually a 3-month membership – but if you upgrade to gold this week, it is a 6-month membership!  Likewise, our next most popular option, Silver ($29.99) is 2 months instead of 1 month.  Our other membership options (1 day, 1 week, and 1 year) are all also doubled.

So don’t hesitate – if you’ve been thinking of upgrading, this is your chance!  This special offer is valid for this week only!

I also want to follow up with you about the email I had sent a week ago regarding scammers.  We have had a few reports of scammers on the site.  We have been actively following up to immediately suspend any members who violate our terms of service, which includes asking for money.  It’s a definite no-no!  We did create a separate web page called the Scammer Hall of Fame- where you can read about our recent “petrochemical engineer” who turned out to be a Nigerian fraudster!  We’re ashamed and sorry about it, but we think it’s best to be upfront with our members.  You have to be cautious, even on a Christian site.  Use your common sense.  If you have any questions or witness strange behavior, please email me or write back using the feedback link on every page of the site.

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can retrieve it at and then sign in.

See you at the site!


Christian Filipina

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