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Travelling To and Around Cebu Province

Mactan Cebu International Airport

Getting to Cebu is easy.  The Mactan-Cebu International Airport ( is the most common entry point, right at the heart of  Cebu province on Lapu Lapu Island.  Flights arrive directly from Hong Kong, Bangkok, and many other international cities, as well as most domestic cities.  Or if your preferred airline only has direct flights to Manila, you may take a domestic flight from Manila to Cebu with Cebu Pacific Air (, or Philippine Airlines (

You can even take a ferry from Manila (and some other Philippines cities) to Cebu. Some of these ferries are: Cebu Ferries (, Negros Navigation (,  Super Ferry, and Super Cat.

Travelling around Cebu province is an adventure that you need to experience. It can be inexpensive, safe, and easy.

Cebu Province Map

Cebu Province Map

Jeepney is one of the most common mode of transportation in Cebu.  The minimum fare is Php 8.  It’s better to prepare exact amount to avoid hassle, because sometimes drivers don’t have change in the morning.  Inside the jeepney, one man is in-charge to collect fare; this man could be a friend or relative of the driver, sometimes even the wife of the driver.  We call this person the “Konductor” and you’ll usually see him  at the back of the jeep.  Calling passenger to ride on the jeepney is the main duty of the Konductor.  He will shout “ Lahug, Apas, JY, IT Park” for instance at the famous Barangay in Cebu City, Lahug area. If you are already near your destination point, just take a coin and beat it on the handrail and say “lugar lang” or “just here” and the driver will stop at the nearest jeepney stop.

Cebu IT Park, Apas Lahug, Cebu City 1

Cebu IT Park, Apas Lahug, Cebu City

If you are not familiar with the place you want to go, you can ask the conductor first before riding the jeepney.  Don’t worry, they answer to you in English even though some of them find it hard speaking English.  It is one big adventure.

There are plenty of jeepneys in Cebu, but for tourist, it is better to travel around Cebu City by riding a taxi( the most convenient mode of transportation).

Ken Taxi, one of the famous Taxi in Cebu

Ken Taxi, one of Cebu’s popular Taxi Companies

Taxi’s flag down rate is Php 40.  The taxi driver will ask you on where you want to go, they will also suggest some nice places for you to visit.

The road from Cebu City to the Heritage Towns south is well-paved.  Driving thru coastal roads and regularly stopping to appreciate the century-old buildings in town poblacions (town centers) would be a very interesting activity.  Don’t forget to bring you digital cameras with a fully charged battery and a large memory card to capture all the beautiful and strange sights you will see.

Travelling around Cebu Province is a very nice experience especially for those people from other countries. To avoid the hassle  in commuting jeepneys and buses, you can also rent a car with or without a driver. Some car rentals only cost Php 3000 to Php 6000 for a whole day’s use.  You just need to have to present your valid ID and your driver’s license.

Carcar town, just south of Cebu City, has many preserved Castillian houses, gardens, and churches.  It was just declared as a City in 2007.  Carcar is located approximately 40 kilometers south of Cebu City.

The Rotunda in Carcar Cebu City

The Rotunda in Carcar, south of Cebu City


The Carcar plaza has several Heritage structures, the Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria dominates the area.  A visit to Carcar wouldn’t be complete without being able to taste its mouth-watering delights.  The surroundings of the Rotunda is famous for its delicious chicharon, ampao, bucarillo, pastillas, and other tasty delicacies.

One day is not enough for you to roam all the provincial towns  in Cebu.  You need to spend a week or a month just to experience the inspiring breeze of the provinces; so if possible start with Carcar and then continue exploring all the way around the Island.  And who knows? If you are still single when you start the trip, you might find the Filipina woman you’ve been looking for by the end.

Coming up in a few days we will have more suggestions of things to see and do in Cebu City and Province.  Stay tuned!

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