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Our Recent January 1 Letter: New Profile And Search Options

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Search through tens of thousands of our members with improved Power Search functionality.

Here’s our January 1 Letter we sent to all site members:

Happy New Year! I’m writing to you at this time to let you know of some recent developments at our site.

First of all, in response to requests from many members, we have now added new profile settings and search options. If you have not added your denomination, height, weight, and information about any children you have, please log in and click “Edit My Profile” then use the “Edit Additional Information” tab to update your profile. After you have updated this information, your profile will be visible in more searches.

You can also search based on these features (as well as limit your search by country, when a user joined the site or was last active, keyword, and more) by using Power Search. You can always find the Power Search by clicking Power Search from the top center of every page of our website, inside at the bottom of the QuickSearch Box. Be aware that since not all members have updated their details, that you may miss some members by doing a restrictive search. But please try it!

Finally, I want to remind you to check out our blog. This is part of our site where we share suggestions from our staff and other members, where we discuss new features, and where we update you about any news regarding the site. You can always find our blog at, or by clicking on Blog from the left menu of our site. This week, for instance, we have an article presenting some testimonials from people who have sadly been scammed and other testimonials (at the end of the same article) from others who have happily met on our site. Please check out these articles and check in with our blog regularly.

As always, we are always here to answer your questions and happy also to hear any comments or suggestions you have concerning the site. Our goal is to provide a meeting place for mature Christians in Asia, and specifically to be a resource for you, our members. We continue to offer the best prices, the best customer service, and the highest percentage of sincere members of any dating site for Asia. We’re proud that you have helped us to build this community.

Best wishes for 2010,

From site owners of,

Jen and Pete

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