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The Power of Online Dating Brought David and Mabel Together

#1 April 2011 engagement-1

David & Mabel Morphett Engagement (April 2011)

The Philippines and Australia are 3,600 miles apart.  They have different climates, different customs and a different way of life.  For David Morphett, a missionary from Adelaide, Australia, he knew his future soul mate was a Filipina woman, and one who shared his Christian faith. But how do you find someone in another part of the world that believes as you do, and wants the same things out of life that you do?  The answer for David was Christian Filipina.

For most of his adult life, David, who is 69 years old, was a builder in Australia and operated his own construction company.  In recent years he began doing missionary work and would travel to the Philippines on a regular basis doing educational and religious missions.David came across Christian Filipina in January of 2011 and he immediately joined, because as he put it, “you could tell the site believed in Christian values and had members who were honest and sincere.”

#2 April 2012 Cleveland Park near Adelaide SA (1)

Having fun in Adelaide

It wasn’t long after he joined that he connected with Marbella (Mabel) Rodriguez from Manila. “I was determined to find a beautiful heart and that’s what I found with Mabel.  We shared Christian values and I really feel that God brought us together,” David said.

David had an upcoming mission to the Philippines and during the March 2011 trip he met Mabel in person in Manila. Mabel, who is 51 years old, lost her husband several years ago and has three children.  David met Mabel’s family and friends and things began to click.  “We were holding hands a lot and I could just feel she was starting to feel the same way I was feeling.”

Mabel, who is a church leader, had joined Christian Filipina for the same reasons as David: she was looking to find a soul mate who shared her Christian values.  So when David presented her with an engagement ring, she said yes.  They were married in June of 2011 in Manila.

“We are both very happy.  I am very happy!  God has given me a woman of God, and we both love each other very much.  God has joined us together as one.

And, many thanks to Christian Filipina for providing a means for us to meet.”

#3 1year wedding aniversaryat Vine Inn Nuriootpa SA

One Year Anniversary

Although they married in the Philippines, David had to return to Australia where they plan to live.  They are in the process of securing a spousal visa for Mabel to join David in Australia.

David offered these parting words for others looking for online relationships, “Your chances of finding someone you can connect with on Christian Filipina are very good because, unlike other dating sites, Christian Filipina has sincere members who share Christian values and beliefs.

April 2012 Victor Harbour 180

David and Mabel Together at Victor Harbour (April 2012)

April 2012 Victor Harbour 187

David and Mabel Together at Victor Harbour (April 2012)

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