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The Sweetest Words You Can Hear Everyday Are: I Love You!

A Testimony of a Couple Who Met at Christian Filipina and Now Live Happily Married in the Philippines

Annelyn's profile picture

"I'm a sweet and sincere lady looking for a serious, responsible and respectful man, who has a word of honor and faith in god, to share our life together as we build a happy family, not only my husband but my bestfriend as well." -from Annelyn's profile at Christian Filipina, September 2009

How do you build a relationship over the Internet when two people are thousands of miles apart? Easy. When you find your soul mate anything is possible. And, that even includes building a house over the Internet. What…a house? Let’s back up a bit.

Randall's profile picture - September 2009

"I am a very dedicated Christian both in my beliefs and in my personal life..." from Randall's Christian Filipina profile in September, 2009

Thirty-two-year-old Anelyn, from Tangub City in the Philippines, was looking for love and a Christian relationship. She tried several online dating websites, but found nothing. A friend told her if you want a serious guy who is Christian join Christian Filipina. She did, and in just a few weeks she connected with Randall, who was living in Las Vegas, Nevada. “We began communicating, and it felt good,” Anelyn said. “I’m 5’2” and he is 6’2 but that didn’t matter. I fell in love with him right away. He is a god-fearing man with all the right values and he is tall, and I love his beard!”

Randall Bergerud, who is 57, said he felt safe on the Christian Filipina website and added that everything about the website seemed just right and made me feel confident that I would find the right Christian match. And, when he found Anelyn on Christian Filipina he knew she was the woman he wanted to marry.

The two communicated, built a relationship online, and then Randall visited and spent time with Anelyn in the Philippines. They dated, fell deeply in love and got married in the Philippines, where they decided they would live and build a house.

Randall and Anelyn's House

Randall and Anelyn's House in the Philippines, Built Over the Internet

Okay, now this where the house comes in. Randall had to return to the United States to prepare for his move back to the Philippines. So for the next five months they exchanged photos and designs via the Internet and shared in the vision of what their new home could be. And it worked. By the time Randall moved to the Philippines, they had built a new home and were able to start their new life together. Randal and Anelyn have been happily married now for more than two years.

Anelyn said that she heard a truly Christian man loves you for who you are, that they are caring and show their love for you everyday. And she found that man on Christian Filipina. “The sweetest words you can hear everyday are: I love you,” she said.”

Annelyn and Randall in their Home

The Happy Couple: Annelyn and Randall in their Home

Annelyn and Randall Catching Relief From the Sun in a Stream

Annelyn and Randall Catching Relief From the Sun in a Stream

Annelyn and Randall in a cafe in the Philippines

Annelyn and Randall in a cafe in the Philippines

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