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Tips for Pinay Women

We have posted a number of Advice Articles for men, in order for them to be successful on their search for the right woman. We’d like our Filipina (Pinay) members to feel, that we value them equally so we spent some time using feedback and observation from our members to come up with these guides for Filipina ladies, to have a good shot on their hunt for a serious relationship.

To all our readers, keep this in mind; Filipina women are known to be strong in faith and in character. They are able to take care of themselves with integrity.

Express Yourself

Say what you mean and mean what you say. There’s no doubt that most Filipinos can speak and understand basic English. But if you are serious in meeting a foreign man (most but not all men on our site are foreign men), you need to make an extra effort to communicate clearly.

Also, remember, it’s always better to have a conversation if you see the persons face. It’s easier to determine how they feel about what you said, with how they react. So don’t be shy. Use the webcam to chat right inside our site, whenever possible.

If you ever feel confused, don’t just smile like you’re happy with what they are telling you. It’s much better to say, “I don’t understand”. If you still can’t understand, ask the man to type what is saying also.

It’s okay to say that you don’t understand and it is better to ask what they mean. Yes, there are things that will make your nose bleed, as Filipinos often joke about things that are difficult to understand. But it is better to ask, instead of giving out a response which does not really answer the question.



Profile Photo

It’s a good idea to show your true self in your profile photos. If love to spend your time in the garden, get some pictures of you in the garden. If you like to spend all your time in the mall, get some pictures in the mall. If you spend all your time at work, or with your family, or taking care of your parents, get some pictures of it. Make sure that most of your pictures are of just you, rather than with all your friends or family. But you can also add a few pictures with others as well.

Make a List of What You Want to Share

If you are having regular chat sessions, come up with a list of things you want them to know about you and what you want to learn about them too. Prepare the list before you go online. Write the suggestions in English or you can ask a friend to help you make sure that it is written to be understood by the gentleman. Write down some questions as well, things you want to find out about the men. This will help you to cover important details.

Prepare a list of your interest and things that you want to know about. A conversation with quality has a higher possibility to develop into a relationship.

Quality Time

Members who are serious in finding the right one are always willing to adjust their time to make sure that there is constant communication. You need to know the time difference and be there when he’s online. Of course, if you are adjusting to spend time with him, he needs to make an extra effort too. Take this as a hint: if the man makes himself available when you are online, then there’s a chance that you are meant for each other.

Don’t Complain

Be proud to be Filipino and the life that you have. Avoid talking about how difficult your life is. We want our members to develop friendships and possibly fall in love with each other because of the great qualities that they have. And of course, don’t push away the possibilities of love by mixing it with the need of financial assistance. Not only would you be throwing away a potential friendship or more, you would also be suspended from our site. Filipina women are known to be strong and independent. Men are attracted to women who are independent and can take care of themselves. You will need to be able to support one another.

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