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A Filipina Cannot Travel to the USA With a Tourist Visa

If you are interested in a free report on immigration visa tips, please request it via our Filipino Visa website, which is part of our trusted and award-winning service Christian Filipina.

Sometimes our members ask us whether it is possible for their Filipina to travel with only a tourist visa to the USA (or another country requiring immigrant visas, such as Canada, Australia, or European countries).

Although it would be theoretically possible, the fact is that Filipinas cannot get tourist visas to the USA.  We believe the same to be true for the other countries listed above as well in most cases.

The US Embassy in Manila which is in charge of collecting the $300+ visa application fee denies hundreds of tourist visa applications per day.  It doesn’t even matter if the Filipina has the best excuse in the world: they have heard it all, and they “just say no.”  The US Embassy and State Department consider Filipinas requesting tourist visas to the USA to be attempting to circumvent the more costly and complicated immigrant visa process.  They happily collect the $300 and issue denial letters to any Filipinas (or Filipinos) naive enough to make this type of offering.

Despite these facts, you may be told by a sincere or insincere Filipina that she would like your support to attempt to get a tourist visa.  Don’t fall for it.

Here is one example from a scammer who was briefly on our site before she was reported for this solicitation to another member:

jessiemercado95: ” ..u dont need to come and get me here for me to come to you in the USA…a good friend of mine are there..because his partner provide all the things she need to get a tourist come to the USA..and once she is there..they get 2 months time..while..the visa is still ok…

jessiemercado95: On that way…we can save so much Money and its not too cost too much to do that..on that way…cause the expenses will be that we will pay the agency who do all the paper works and payments of the visa and passport..for me to come to you..thats if U wanted this like this way

Some of these scammers are asking for $1,400 USD upfront for the visa plus the cost of transportation.  Certainly they would be happy to accept any amount, even just a few dollars, and try to make it work.  If you hear this, it is a lie, and you should report it to us immediately and cease communication with such a person.

The U.S. Embassy is aware of these scams.  They want to see photos together (not fixed/corrected ones) and they want to see it in the context of an immigrant visa application, not a tourist visa application.

If you are truly engaged or married and have spent time together, the good news is that the immigrant visa process does work.  It is more expensive than it should be and slower than it should be, but it will get you an immigrant visa which is what you need.  When you are ready for that, apply for it.

Until then, don’t waste one dime attempting to get a Filipina a tourist visa to the USA.  It will never happen.

If you are interested in a free report on immigration visa tips, please request it via our Filipino Visa website, which is part of our trusted and award-winning service Christian Filipina.

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