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Using Site Features For Your Safety

We have designed our site to give our members many ways to keep safe.  Some of these features you don’t need to even pay attention to (for instance our screening protocols for new members) because they are handled for you.

We are also the one and only Filipina dating site (and one of the only dating sites of any kind) which offers its members the security of browsing the site 100% securely. We do this by making our site “ssl” and “https” enabled, the same protocol used by banks and brokerage websites. We had to invest to enable our site and servers to operate at this highly secure level, and we did it because your security is one of our top concerns. Different browsers will show this “https” feature differently, but it will usually look about like this in the URL bar:

Our Server and Site Support https When You Are Online

Our Server and Site Support https When You Are Online


However, in addition to what we do to keep you safe, it’s also important for you to take an active role in your own online security.  You’re off to a good start because you’re reading our advice article blog right now.  Make sure you take the time to read as many articles from this blog as possible.  It might take quite a few visits to read all our advice, but it will save you time in the long run.

Here are some other important site features with which you should become familiar, and a few related tips.

Ban a Profile

Profile Buttons

Click “Add to Banned List” and You’ll Never See the Profile Again

When you are viewing a profile and for whatever reason, you know the person is not for you, just click “Add to Banned List” and you’ll never see that profile again.  The member won’t be able to contact you, and their profile will no longer show up when you are searching our member database.  It’s not impolite, either.  It’s just smart.



Report a Profile

Report a Problem

Report A Problem by Selecting the Problem Type and Clicking Report

If any member has an indecent or disrespectful profile, or writes to you in a suspicious way, please let us know.  Just send us an email with the user number and a description of the issue, or click to report the profile right from the profile page.  To report a profile easily, just scroll down to the bottom of the profile page, select a problem type, and click “report”.

Use Strict Age Limits

Use Age Preference Strict

Use Age Preference Strict To Use Your Time Efficiently

Some of the most problematic members on any Filipina dating site might not even be in the age range you are considering.  So make it easy on yourself by using our “strict age preference” feature.  Set your preferred age range when you edit your profile, and on this same page set “Age preference strict” to ON.  This will make it impossible for members outside your desired age range to find you and interact with you, so you can concentrate on meeting the right person for you.

Correspond Inside Our Site Only – Don’t Share Your Contact Information

Don't Share Contact Details With Strangers

Don’t Share Contact Details With Strangers

Don’t give out your contact information until you know people well.  It is much better to correspond in our site.  Scammers do not like to correspond in our site, because they know that they will be quickly caught and removed from our site.  So they will try to get you to switch to using normal email addresses or messengers.  Don’t fall for the trick.  If anyone on our site (or any dating site) asks to correspond via IM or asks for your phone number or other contact information, simply say, “I prefer to correspond here for now.”  If it is a sincere person, he or she will be happy to correspond in our site also.  If not, that’s someone you are better off avoiding or reporting to us.

Take Your Time

Don’t become financially or emotionally involved with anyone you have not yet met in person.  We have written in other blog articles about it, but just as a brief reminder, never send money to anyone who you have not met in person. If anyone tells you a story and tries to get you to send them money, you absolutely should not do it.  Do not fall for any pity trap or get rich quick scheme or nanny scam.  If anyone you meet on our site ever asks you to send them or anyone money, you should email to us what is going on and ask for our advice.

We also recommend that you should not become too emotionally involved with someone you have not yet met either.  If you find yourselves becoming emotionally involved, it is not time to make distant promises or send gifts.  It is time to get a plane ticket and meet in person.

Use Our Webcam Chat

Chat Online Button

Use Our Website Chat With Webcam. Click ‘Chat Online’.

One of the best ways to have safe, meaningful conversations with other members is with our webcam chat software, right inside our site.  This is available for any member who is Gold level or above.  (Remember, as with all site features, only one of the two members needs to be upgraded to Gold or above.  The other member can still be free level.)  When you are both online, you’ll see the Chat Online button at the bottom of the other member’s profile.  Just click it, and you will be able to chat in real time.  If you have a webcam and/or headset, you’ll also be able to hear and/or see each other.  We recommend that you insist your chat mate use use a webcam and headset to chat with you.  (And don’t believe anyone who asks you to send money to buy a webcam.  There are internet cafes in every rural and metropolitan area with computers with working webcams.)

Reach Out and Ask Us!

Finally, anytime you are concerned or confused about any aspect of using the site, just ask us for help.  Call us at 800 578 1469.  Or email us.  Or use the feedback form at the bottom of any page of the site.  You are not alone.  We are always happy to hear from and help out our members.  Thousands of Christians have met their match at our site.  Take your time and let yourself meet people over the course of several months, and you will also find that you have many new friends, one of whom might be the one God meant for you.



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