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What Do Our Members Say About Our Site?

We have a form that is part of the cancel process, where we receive feedback from all members who cancel their memberships.  Since we often receive requests from members to know whether people actually meet on our site, we have decided to publish the most recent week of what we have received from canceling members.  This is a typical week.  There are always some who are very happy, some who are not happy, and some who say they are too busy.

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What Do You Think About Christian Filipina?

  • its not what i was expecting” (6/27/2010) – user 26722, man, 35, United States
  • “I would like to say thank you to Christian Filipina for being the tool in finding my special someone. My prayer has been answered and I found the one perfect for me here. My long wait is finally over. God bless you all! Hallelujah!” (6/27/2010) – user 25395, woman, 39, Philippines
  • “no tym” (6/27/2010) – user 25691, woman, 36, Philippines
  • “I like to restrain my self in dating site at the moment…” (6/27/2010) – user 5746, woman, 28, Philippines
  • “i think its not yet my time the man meant for me. i have to focus on my son and to myself as well. i know in God’s time i can be able to meet those man who are willing to accept me as i am. thank u anyway for this site i do able to learn in many aspects. im still looking forward to registered again in this site maybe after the time that i am ready already.thanks and God bless…” (6/27/2010) – user 25143, woman, 23, Philippines
  • “From my perspective, first and foremost we would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to meet via your website. We have chosen a more intimate pathway as we are desiring to be one. Regarding your query I believe that an added chatting service would be beneficial for upgraded members and the inclusion of low level members to exchange contact details as you are aware of the financial situation of the Philippines. Overall the service which you have provided has been secure and just. Technically it would be beneficial if messages were transferred with a quicker turn around. At times it takes approximately 24 – 48 hours for the messages to be transferred between both parties. Finally, Christian Filipino should also include photos of the employment team to develop compassion for future members who are willing to help them retain an income for their work. All the best we wish you continued growth and success and may all the couples establish long lasting relationships through your service.” (6/26/2010) – user 24302, man, 25, Australia
  • “My husband asked me to delete it…Â Thank you so much Christian Filipina, from the buttom of our heart (me & my hubby). Cuz of this site i was able to find the one. May God continue blessing this site… (‘_’)” (6/26/2010) – user 20168, woman, 26, Philippines
  • “I already met someone” (6/26/2010) – user 13657, woman, 34, Philippines
  • “I simply did not find what I was looking for.” (6/26/2010) – user 25612, man, 66, United States
  • “i wanna say thank you Christian Filipina but my search is over,,,,,,and all i can say is thank you!!!!” (6/25/2010) – user 21833, woman, 48, Philippines
  • “im not interested anymore” (6/25/2010) – user 25919, woman, 35, Philippines
  • “I have found someone.” (6/25/2010) – user 26025, man, 60, United States
  • “I found someone” (6/24/2010) – user 25956, woman, 26, Philippines
  • “i just dont like the website” (6/24/2010) – user 26448, woman, 22, Philippines
  • “I withdraw my membership due to lack of time.” (6/23/2010) – user 20528, woman, 29, Philippines
  • “i already found him.” (6/21/2010) – user 21973, woman, 30, Philippines
  • “I found my lover thanks.” (6/21/2010) – user 19246, man, 48, Canada
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